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Table Tennis Accessories

Table Tennis Accessories
Racket type: Shakehand. Set contents: Shakehand racket with rubber x 1, Racket case x 1, Ball x 2. One side of the racket rubber and an iconic symbol BAPE on the racket case, designed. Both sides of rubber, edge tape, grip, racket case, ball all have A...
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Abu Garcia (Abu Garcia). Own weight (g) 226 | gear ratio: 6.2: 1 | maximum line take-up length (cm) 87 | maximum drag force (Kg) 5.2 | line capacity (nylon, fluoro: m) 12lb-120m | Line Capacity (PE No.: m) 2 No...
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Abu Garcia (Abu Garcia). Own weight (g) 247 | gear ratio: 6.2: 1 | maximum line take-up length (cm) 96 | maximum drag force (Kg) 5.2 | line capacity (nylon, fluoro: m) 16lb-150m | Line Capacity (PE No.: m) 2 No...
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Certified: J.T.T.A.A (Japan Table Tennis Association). Grip: ST / 100 28mm, FL / 100 26mm, Chinese /82.527.5mm, compact FL / 95.5 24.5mm, the inversion formula /8519.3mm. Blade: 157 150 thickness 6.3 mm (Compact FL / 152 150 thickness 6.3 mm, counter-rotating / 158 141 thickness 6.3 mm)...
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Product number: 112289. New generation rubber to top players. If you get it as quickly as possible...
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BCP SKU: SKY3881. Indoor/Outdoor ping pong table has a compact design for playing in smaller spaces. Nothing brings people together like friendly competition! Gather friends and family and blow competition away with a killer backhand!..
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Shop options like air hockey, table tennis, foosball, pool tables and much more. Take a look at the features for Brunswick Table Tennis Table. Length: 107-29/32"....
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TENS OF THOUSANDS SOLD! EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES! Our Tailgate Balls do not bounce or roll making them perfect for playing at tailgates and on hard/flat surfaces. WHAT'S INCLUDED?. BucketBall is played by setting up two sets of 6 buckets in triangular formation separated 15-25 feet apart...
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Soft soles. Size: in (C), thickness (A) a particular thickness (TA). Value of 10 and spin:10.2(tackiness CHOP). The 10 speed:12.8(slaver)...
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Supervision model of AI fukuhara. [Butterfly] [Butterfly]. material: [grip] flare-attacks shake-mid first speed-soft feel-five plywood-regular bread-FL. -It is a bracket with ZL fibre lightweight, high rebound performance, having the sense to grab the ball in inner fiber design, you can speedy play ..
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