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Artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees

Artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees
At 15 inches, the 15 in. Mohlenbechia Ball is grand enough to create its own display. Set this leafy twig ball on a bookcase, mantel, or tabletop display...
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Give your accent shelf a quaint southwestern complement with the 20 in. Aloe Artificial Plant in Floral Design Planter. This planter is made from ceramic with a distressed white finish and a green/pink floral pattern. The plant itself comes rendered from plastic, modeled after an aloe plant with spi..
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Build a more refined display on any table or shelf with the 20 in. Aloe Artificial Plant in Stoneware Planter. This aloe plant might look real, but is in fact made from long-lasting plastic. The leaves are deep green with spiny accents. The plant is nestled in a bed of moss with a light gray ceramic..
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Provide a natural accent and shabby-chic complement all in one with the 25 in. Aloe Artificial Plant in Vintage Metal Bucket. This planter has an antique bucket base finished in galvanized zinc. A bed of moss supports the aloe plant, the leaves of which are made from green with spiny edges...
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Add a bright, cheery centerpiece to your dining table with the 25 in. Bougainvillea Artificial Climbing Plant in Floral Vase. Pink flowers and lush green leaves climb out of the included planter. The round planter has a floral pattern with light pink blooms against a white background. This elegant v..
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The 25 in. Stephanotis Artificial Climbing Plant in Weathered Planter is a lovely centerpiece for practically any dining room table. Stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine or Hawaiian Wedding Flower, is a climbing plant with green leaves and white flowers. This artificial arrangement has the ..
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Put a pop of color into your favorite living space with the 26 in. Bougainvillea Artificial Plant in Stoneware Planter. This compact faux bougainvillea plant features realistic magenta flowers, artfully curled vines, and plenty of lush greenery. The ceramic planter is decorated with polished gold st..
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The 26 in. Stephanotis Artificial Plant in Stoneware Planter will breathe new life into your space without the hassle of a real plant. This compact faux plant features realistic white flowers, artfully curled vines, and plenty of lush greenery. The cement planter is decorated with polished gold stri..
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Top your chairside table or console table with the 26 in. Stephanotis Artificial Plant in White Designer Bowl for a vibrant natural accent that doesnt need a green thumb to look its best. Modeled after a Stephanotis plant, the piece is made from lifelike plastic and polyester, complete with green le..
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Pull together a tropical getaway in your own living room with the 27 in. Spathiphyllum Artificial Plant in Metal Bowl, a rattan sofa, and some vibrant, island-inspired upholstery prints. This artificial spathiphyllum plant has large, realistic leaves and simple white blooms. It's potted in a round m..
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Tall and majestic, this Topiary will provide an excellent illustration of nature's wonder to any home or work space. With its delicate trunk and lush, green leaves that provide an essential crown to this piece, the overall presentation draws attention to its fine detail. Easy to care for and perfect..
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Enliven your dcor with rich greenery that never requires watering by hanging the 29 in. Boston Fern Hanging Basket in your living space. The realistic fronds reach downward over the sides of the rustic wicker basket and work to draw the eye up toward the ceiling. For easy hanging, the basket feature..
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